Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who am I?

I don’t know who am I. Am I manifestation of desires? Am I reflection of friends I keep both real and virtual? Or am I angst of my rivals both known and unknown. What are the things that define my existence? Is it my I-card or my driving license or still better my file of degrees? Am I defined by the goals I have achieved or those unachieved goals. Am I limited by the relations attached with me or am I extended by relations I create. Or grossly am I defined by food I eat or movie or serial I relish. Do my choices obvious or planned shape my thinking and so shape me. But in any way I shape am I limited to that shape and defined by that.
Am I known by my religion or the Gods I worship? Do I change with all the hands I shake or the eyes I stare at or even the fantasies I cherish or the people I love and don’t want to be away from them? Or the activities I do in bed or out of bed mould me. Do the teams I cheer for make me? Am I what my physical looks say or am I the habits I keep or rather the choices of clothes and other things like vehicles and club memberships define me?
Well anyway who needs these definitions? It is rather easy to say that we are shaped by the risks we take and opportunities we get, but still who we are totally depends on our behavior with others and the love and compassion we have for others.

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