Monday, February 6, 2012

An unsent love letter

This is a letter I never sent to my beloved (my jaan). Perhaps the circumstancs were such that I could not send it. So I don't know what reactions it would have created. Any ideas??

Dearest Jaan
                It is difficult to ask how you are as our both’s condition is more or less same. Jaan I love you very very much though this thing is not to be written and neither to be told, it is just shown by kiss, the sweetest ones and hugs from delicate to strong and to read from those two beautiful eyes, but jaan I miss you very much for doing all these things.
                Jaan our love is blossoming like a flower everyday and I very well know that you try to avoid that feeling of missing me, but truly jaan I too miss you that much only if not more.
                And Jaan do you remember the taste of our first kiss. I don’t remember coz every time your kisses are getting more lovely, more tasty and very very sexy that turns me on very fast. It makes my everything stand, for me your kisses are god’s gift and so I never get satisfied by them and always want more and more. Your sexy kisses I love the most.
                So Jaan won’t write much as I know the pain of missing so Jaan see you soon and lots of kisses.

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