Sunday, July 9, 2017

Out of the Blue - The war within

When life is twisted solutions can't be straight. Spirit can't be spoon fed and comes out by the constant churning of the life ocean. When there are no angels around and you need to choose among demons. The war that is within us fuels us and also consumes us. Everything is within and whatever comes out sweet or sour is the result of the churning but how you consume it also does make a difference.

This is depicted on the back of the book and really a good read and yes, I am talking about my first book. Out of the Blue - The war within. Its a collection of short stories with a twisted end. 

It can't be said to be a true review if I review my book so I would rather not review it and leave it up to the readers to do so.

Happy reading guys and please review it as your opinions are the building blocks to make a better writer out of me.



  1. A good read with a sense of feeling you get which says its some1 like us writing it and not some over the top vocabulary which you cannot relate to.
    Some stories just blow your mind with the twists in the end and some show the maturity of the writer expressing simple situations in such a way that you are glued to it.