Saturday, January 28, 2017

Respect v/s Fame

What is the difference between fame and respect that’s the first question we Indians ask? It is a natural question as we don’t understand the difference between the two.

Respect is when everyone in our ‘galli’ or ‘mahula’ knows us and they also know about the problems (mostly theirs) we have faced and solved. Most of the time we expect a little respect from others after all it’s imbibed in out culture. In the starting when the people start respecting us we feel a little shy but over all we feel great. Gradually it becomes our habit we demand respect for the things we did in past (or maybe our ancestors did it). There is no harm in it but this hunger for 10 grams of respect keeps us from doing anything exciting or even going out of way. We always think what will happen to my respect if I do this or do that. In the end we do nothing and we give it the name that we are strongly rooted to our culture. Our culture was never this all the ancestors questioned everything and probed and then accepted anything to improvise. They never accepted anything blindly. We have reached to the stage where we force respect from the people smaller than us and it doesn’t matter that the person maybe smaller than us in just one aspect and in other aspects he maybe better than us. We belittle every person in our contact just to extract those 10 grams of respect.

Now coming on to fame, it’s the phenomenon where we imprint our footsteps in the sands of time and everyone watches us. The people who have got fame have never craved for any gram of respect. They just did their work and never cared what others thought about them and what will happen if no one respected them. They stayed child like for their full life and even after imprinting their footsteps in the sands of time they always knew that even these footsteps are very small and they will also vanish along with the sands of time. 

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